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Enjoy the sea - work to make it healthier!


Why to care for the Baltic Sea? Because it provides us with a lot of nice, even vital things: recreation, food, business, waterway... Everybody living, working or doing business by the sea is more or less dependent on a healthy marine environment.


Unfortunately, the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted sea basins in the world. Its most serious ecological threat is eutrophication caused by high nutrient loads from the vast catchment area. Cities, municipalities and other local actors have a major influence on the sea through their activities, e.g. traffic and waste water discharges. On the other hand, cities and municipalities benefit from clean local waters, e.g. in terms of tourism and improved business. This highlights the importance of local actors in the work for a healthier sea.


What is this project all about? Which are our aims? What are we trying to say, which are the messages we are delivering?


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