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Baltic Sea Challenge - what is it?


In June 2007 the Finnish cities of Turku and Helsinki made a commitment to improve the state of the Baltic Sea and launched the Baltic Sea Challenge as declared by their Mayors Mr Mikko Pukkinen and Mr Jussi Pajunen. The objective is to improve the state of the coastal waters as well as of the entire Baltic Sea. By their own commitment the cities also want to show initiative, reduce their own loading to coastal waters and inspire other local actors to join the challenge.

The two cities published an action plan with concrete measures to reduce loading to the Baltic Sea. Actions concern point source loading, improvements in the cities' sewage networks, loading from scattered settlement areas, agriculture, the handling of waste water from shipping and boating, and dredging carried out by the harbours.

In addition, the cities are also investing in international environmental collaboration, water protection research and provide general information and raise consciousness of the state of the Baltic Sea and of possibilities to improve it.

Baltic Sea Challenge campaign - join the work!

The Baltic Sea Challenge campaign welcomes all types of organisations to join the work for a healthier sea: cities, municipalities, public sector actors, research and educational institutions, NGOs, labour unions and business organisations.

Upon joining the Baltic Sea Challenge, the actor commits to prepare an action plan, which lists new concrete actions to improve the state of coastal waters and the Baltic Sea.

Find more about the challenge at the Baltic Sea Challenge website and join us!

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