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30.10.2018 12:00

Baltic Sea Challenge in 2019-2023 - Helsinki and Turku intensify Baltic Sea protection

Helsinki and Turku continue to implement the Baltic Sea Challenge, their joint initiative launched 11 years ago, with a new five-year term and an updated joint action plan. Work for the sea continues in the cities' own activities and in the extensive partner network.

The City Boards of both Helsinki and Turku decided on 22 October 2018 to continue the cities’ joint Baltic Sea action plan in 2019–2023. This is the third joint Baltic Sea action plan of the two cities. The plan extend many actions that have proved effective in reducing the cities’ nutrient loading to the sea and in encouraging the members of the Baltic Sea Challenge network to act to protect the sea. 

The Baltic Sea action plan also includes completely new actions to protect the sea. These actions include the use of biochar, structure lime and gypsum to bind nutrients, avoidance of hazardous substances in procurement, various agile pilot projects, and new nature surveys of small water bodies and the archipelago. 

The Port of Turku will end its practice of disposing dredged materials to the sea by the end of 2024. Helsinki will ensure that the implementation of the City’s new maritime strategy will be carried out only on taking the unique maritime environment into consideration. 

The Baltic Sea action plan contains close to 120 actions to improve the state of the cities’ local waters and the entire Baltic Sea. Helsinki and Turku will also invite new organizations to join the Baltic Sea Challenge network and encourage all current members of the network to update their actions and commitments to the new programme term. 

Read the whole press release on the City of Helsinki website

The action plan is soon to be released in English! Here is the Finnish version.


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