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work for the baltic sea in our Network

The members of the Baltic Sea Challenge network implement their own Baltic Sea Action Plans for their local waters, according to their own field of work and priorities. Our vision and aims 2014-2018 are in line with the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission's (HELCOM) Action Plan, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The Baltic Sea Challenge initiative will be updated during 2018 for a new term of 2019-2023.

The Baltic Sea Challenge network is full of  expertise, energy and possibilities! You will find on our website e.g. the network members and their Commitments and Action Plans, examples and tips on how to formulate your own organisation's Baltic Sea Action Plan and the Tools for Water Protection portal with the Baltic Sea Challenge Bank of Actions.

We also have implemented several international projects with external funding.

The newest Baltic Sea Action

In the Baltic Sea Challenge Bank of Actions there are more than 60 practical water protection measures that have been already implemented. The vary from concrete curbing of nutrient loading in stormwaters or agriculture to oil spill combatting, increasing awareness and controlling littering. 

Clean-up action at the Baltic coast
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Update your Baltic Sea Commitment!

If your organization already had an Baltic Sea Action Plan or BSC water protection plan before 2014, you can easily update it according to our Vision and aims for 2014-2018 with the Commitment Form!

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Formulate your Baltic Sea Action Plan!

The member organizations of the Baltic Sea Challenge plan and implement their own Baltic Sea Action Plans. If you don't know how to start, read our instructions, and the examples and tips we gathered for you.

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