Update your Baltic Sea commitment

Are you already a partner in the Baltic Sea Challenge network, but wish to update your commitment for programme period 2014-2018? It is easy to do!

  1. Brainstorm together in your organisation about new ways to  improve the ecological state of the waters through your own work. Take a look at the examples and tips that we have collected for you.

  2.  If you need support, you can contact the coordinators of the Baltic Sea Challenge. We will assist you!

  3. Choose, at least, one action for protecting the waters that suits your operations and that your organisation can commit to launch within one year.

  4. Download the Baltic Sea Challenge commitment form pdf file by choosing one of the language options on the right (use preferably Internet Explorer).

  5. Make sure that your organisation is ready to commit to the vision and objectives of the Baltic Sea Challenge. Inform the members of your organisation about the commitment.

  6. Send your filled in and saved commitment form, together with your Baltic Sea Action Plan if you have one, to the coordinators of the Baltic Sea Challenge using the electronic form below. You may also send the material to us via post! (See contact details here.)

PS. The Baltic Sea Challenge concept and commitment forms will be updated during 2018 for a new term of 2019-2023.

Thank you for your activity and commitment!

The commitment forms

Itämerihaaste (FIN)

The Baltic Sea Challenge (ENG)

Östersjöutmaningen (SWE)

Läänemere väljakutse (EST)

Призыв Балтийского моря (RUS)

Baltijas jūras izaicinājums (LV)

Baltijos jūros iššūkis (LT)

Wyzwanie na rzecz Morza Baltyckiego (PL)

Yes, we want to update our Baltic Sea commitment!

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