power, contacts and support

The BSC network has a huge amount of power and expertise! It is the place to start, when you are looking for support, ideas or partners for your Baltic Sea work.

Membership in the BSC network really pays off! Here's what is on offer:
  • support for creating concrete water protection measures
  • framework for internal water protection plans
  • networking and manpower for planning together
  • visibility, exchange of experiences and learning new practices
  • building bridges between organizations and operational models - private and public, large and small
  • events and possibilities to participate
  • good examples in the Tools for water protection website
  • communication materials

Members are welcome to contact the coordinators
  • looking for an expert in a water protection related question
  • wanting to spread information about an water protection related event, project or materials
  • searching a partner for a project, event organisation or material production
  • looking for information to start planning or implementing and action
With these and other questions related to Baltic Sea protection we will support our members confidentially and cost-free!