The Baltic Sea Challenge cooperates with many projects and initiatives that have similar objectives with it. These are some of them. We would like to hear about your work as well - maybe we could cooperate!



ÖstersjöInitiativet (Baltic Sea Initiative) is a cooperation network of seven Swedish municipalities and regional actors. Its members are Kalmarsundskomissionen, Region Gotland, Simrishamn marine centre together with the municipalities of Trelleborg, Vaxholm, Värmdö and Valdermarsvik. BSC and ÖstersjöInitiativet have agreed on collaboration in communications and expertise. They are both members of the informal Baltic Sea Roundtable.

Baltic Sea City Accelerator is an process of Swedish Race for the Baltic initiative. It is an intensive support programme accelerating participating municipalities' Baltic Sea action. BSC is an expert and communications partner of the initiative. Also Race for the Baltic is a member of the informal Baltic Sea Roundtable.



The main aim of the iWater - Integrated storm water management project  is to improve urban planning in cities by developing integrated stormwater management system and higher quality, cleaner and safer urban environment and to increase urban sustainability in the Baltic Sea region during 1 December 2015 - 31 May 2018, part financed By the EU Interreg Central Baltic programme.

The project is coordinated by the city of Riga, and the other partners are cities of Jelgava, Tartu, Söderhamn, Gävle, Turku and Helsinki, and Aalto University and the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC).


IWAMA (Interactive Water Management) project improves resource efficiency in waste water management by capacity development of the operators and implementation of the pilot investments in energy efficiency and sludge management. The Project is implemented during March 2016 - february 2019 and the partners of the project join the Baltic Sea Challenge network and their tools and actions will be compiled to the Tools for water protection website.


The Baltic Sea Challenge is an Advising Partner for the Baltic Sea City Accelerator initiative.

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The Baltic Sea Challenge was additional partner. The Baltic Sea Challenge participated in arrangements of a joint international seminar "Influencing Policy-Making" (Jurmala, Latvia 8.6.2011), which was organised by projects BSR InnoShip and Cities for a Healthier Sea.

The Baltic Sea Challenge and BSR InnoShip organised a joint international seminar "Steady as she goes" onboard Viking Line M/S Grace 3.-4.6.2013.



The Baltic Sea Challenge organised together with PURE and John Nurminen Foundation an international seminar "Challege for a Healthier Sea" on 9.2.2011 in Helsinki, Finland.

The Baltic Sea Challenge participated in arrangements of a joint international seminar "Local Actors as Forerunners" (Tallinn, Estonia 16.3.2011) which was organised by projects Cities for a Healthier Sea and PURE.


The Baltic Sea Challenge was additional partner.

The Baltic Sea Challenge participated in a number of awareness raising events for the general public with the project.