The Baltic Sea Challenge:

Five waves of action for the Baltic Sea

Our shared vision

A clean, productive and shared Baltic Sea

Our shared challenges

Clean Baltic Sea is a productive Baltic Sea. We recognise that reconciling the need to utilise the sea with efforts to improve its ecological status presents a challenge. We challenge ourselves and our organisations to take action to ensure the good state of the Baltic Sea, in order to strengthen the shared sense of ownership of our waters and the responsibility for their wellbeing.

Our shared answer

We take up this shared challenge voluntarily, with actions and cooperation that exceed the requirements of the law and our core operations, in order to reduce our contribution to the nutrient and hazardous substance loading in the Baltic Sea, and to help restore the good status of the sea.

Our shared commitment

To realise our vision, we commit to the following shared objectives:

1. Clear coastal waters
We commit to reduce the nutrient load, consisting of phosphorus and nitrogen, which enters the waters and the Baltic Sea and causes eutrophication.

2. Healthy marine habitat
We commit to reduce the concentrations of harmful substances, the amount of litter and noise in the marine environment, and to ensure that marine resources can be utilised in a sustainable way.

3. Clean and safe water traffic
We commit to reduce and prevent emissions produced by vessels of various sizes from entering the air and water, and to ensure the sufficient prevention of oil and chemical spills.

4. Systematic water area management
In systematic water area management, we commit to take into account any changes in environmental and human pressures, to combine and progress the synergies of different forms of use, and to prepare for possible future conflicts.

5. Active Baltic Sea citizenship
We commit to promote awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea, opportunities to influence this matter and how these opportunities are connected to the economic use of the sea and competitiveness. We also commit to strengthen the participation of various interest groups, and expand their thoughts about the Baltic Sea.

The action plan 2014-2018 of the cities Helsinki and Turku